DIY décor can be a lot of fun and it can be a great way to upcycle or decorate your home on a budget while enjoying a new hobby. Here are some DIY décor trends to try this year.

Home décor that you make yourself is a beautiful way of bringing creativity and originality into your living spaces. In fact, one of the hottest home décor trends is originality! But taking an individual approach doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from other people’s ideas. To get you started, we’ve created this list of DIY décor trends, but don’t be afraid to branch out and turn these ideas into something completely unique.

Creative indoor planters

New design trends are all about bringing nature and natural elements into the home. While you could easily buy indoor planters to house your plants, why not get creative and make your own? Here are two planter trends that will add a pop of originality to your interior design.

Metallic planters

Bold brassy, silver, or gold planters are popping up on tabletops and Instagram feeds worldwide for the simple reason that they bring a touch of class and sparkle to any room. You can go about creating your metallic planters in a variety of ways;

  • Find metallic paint in your local craft store to coat terracotta pots;
  • Glue together faux brass or gold straws in a 3D geometric pattern to create a unique hanging planter; or
  • Use metallic wire to twine around your existing indoor planters in interesting patterns.

DIY concrete planters

Using a quick-drying concrete mix, you can have a lot of fun designing some creative planters. Two of the most popular ways to create a unique concrete planter are to:

  1. Fill an ice cream container with concrete, adding another smaller container on top to create the bowl as it dries.
  2. Dip a small towel or another interestingly textured fabric into the concrete, draping it over a bowl, basket, or large rock to dry.

Once your new planter is completely dry, fill it with soil and some gorgeous plants! And while we’re on the subject of plants – fake is out, living is in! While plastic plants are great for dark corners, a living plant in your home adds a beautiful element that will grow into interesting shapes for years to come. Speak to an expert gardener about what kinds of plants would thrive in your home, making sure you pay close attention to their sunlight, humidity, and watering needs.

Bohemian style

With nature trending indoors comes a certain appeal for boho charm. The great thing about the boho trend is that you don’t need to spend anything on gathering supplies. For a simple boho-chic design element in your home, take a walk! Find a beautiful stick or small tree branch and give it a light sanding when you get home. Alternatively, you could match it with your metallic planters by painting it the same shade of brass or gold with any leftover paint. Then, use some raw twine to hang other collectables you’ve found in nature to create a hanging natural sculpture – think feathers, painted gumnuts, or interesting seedpods.


As we continue to bring the outdoors in, people are choosing all shades of green when having their walls repainted. While muted, more natural tones are by far the most popular, clever designers are mixing it up with accents of bright and light greens to bring rooms to life.

Why not go all out and DIY a feature wall? You don’t need to be a practised artist to achieve this painting trend, not when the masking tape is so readily available! To DIY your own wall feature, apply masking tape in geometric patterns, stripes, or mountainscapes to outline your paint lines. Then, all you need to do is fill in the spaces to create a neat, original feature wall in your home.

Traditional concepts

It’s not surprising that traditional home elements are making a comeback. With so much uncertainty and change over the past two years, many people are looking to bring nostalgia into their homes. To jump on board this trend, head to your local thrift or antique store to find some interesting retro pieces. Whether that means bringing in furniture reminiscent of the ’60s or ’70s, incorporating antiques into your design, or bringing back flanged furniture and old-fashioned clocks, retro is back!

3D Art

People spending more time at home are seeking whimsey and intrigue in those familiar four walls. 3D art is not a new concept, but it has never been so popular for home styling as it is now. To create your own unique 3D wall art, try some of the following ideas:

Layering canvas – either paint in your chosen colour scheme or choose some gorgeous fabrics to cover blank wall canvases of varying sizes. Then, you can layer them over one another and hang them in place to create a unique 3D wall decoration. Go as big as you dare!

A living wall – take your nature-inspired theme to a whole new level – literally! To create a living wallscape, you could hang wall planters or train a devil’s ivy plant to climb. If you have the right light conditions (lots of natural light!), you could employ a local carpenter to build some wall boxes to house living succulents, which can easily adapt to indoor vertical living in the right conditions.

Light wall – design your own light wall for a truly unique spin on the 3D wall! While this could be as simple as stringing fairy lights in a creative pattern, why not take it up a notch? You could use an array of exciting light fixtures or create a lightbox effect by purchasing die-cut wall panels and fitting them over a lightbulb.

DIY electrical jobs can be extremely dangerous, so while you can definitely DIY the design, always hire an electrician to do any electrical work.

To keep up with DIY décor trends, your designs should focus on original concepts and art that reflect who you are and how you use your space. Consider natural elements, green spaces, and whimsical features for a personal pop. If you would like a quote on any of the services listed above, contact Jim’s Group today on 13 15 46.

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