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Give your home a makeover with Jim’s Professional Painting Pascoe Vale. Home is where the heart is. And a well-kept, shining, beautiful home is what dreams are made of. What better way to add a bit of zing to a drab interior or exterior than by calling in the experts at Jim’s Professional Painting Pascoe Vale. We provide a complete solution for all your painting needs and will have your home or business looking fresh in no time.

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Trends in painting Pascoe Vale interiors and exteriors are ever-changing. It can be hard to keep up-to-date with the latest colour fads. This is where the experts come in handy. It’s their job to know exactly what colours are trending, what colour themes compliment the surroundings, and what painting techniques will achieve a modern finish. Jim’s Professional Painting Pascoe Vale have years of experience and know their stuff. If you’re ready to add a splash of colour to your property but not sure where to start, don’t fret, Jim’s are here to help. Not only can we paint your property to perfection, we can offer some great advice on colour schemes too.

Colour Tips from Jim’s Professional Painting Pascoe Vale:

This year’s colour forecasts indicate that elegant hues will continue to take centre stage. For those of us ready to try something new, splashes of fruity colour are raring to perform. Here are some other colour tips that are guaranteed to enhance Pascoe Vale’s alluring streetscape:

  1. Natural tones and hues are often a safe choice. Even though many neutral shades are without colour they often have strong undertones that lay the foundations to highlight your décor or garden features.
  2. Grey’s have always been a popular choice, however, a newer slant on an old favourite is to try a sand colour instead. Sandy colours tend to bring more warmth.
  3. Green, green and more green. There is a reason why this colour was declared colour of the year. Green can be bright and happy, or deeper and luxurious in olive tones. Best of all, greens make us feel closer to nature.

Our most important colour tip to remember is that any colour you love can have a place in your home, it’s all about how you use it that makes the difference.

Jim’s Painting Pascoe Vale – A Professional Painting Service

Jim’s Professional Painting Pascoe Vale provide more than just great advice. We are painting specialists. With years of experience we have built a solid reputation for providing excellent customer service, and for delivering superior painting results that are second to none.

Whether you need interior painting, exterior painting, domestic painting or commercial painting; it’s time to call Jim’s Professional Painting on 131 546.


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