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5 things to consider when painting your property on the Bellarine Peninsula

Redecorating or painting Bellarine Peninsula properties can be a tough gig. There are many things to think about such as; should I handle the painting on my own? What type of paint should be used? How should I prepare the painting surface? How do I ensure the paint will endure the test of time? How do I achieve the look I want in the most cost-effective way?

Jim’s Professional Painting Bellarine Peninsula give you 5 helpful tips:

  1. Many people falsely believe that DIY painting is the cheapest option. But when you consider every aspect that goes into achieving a flawless paint finish, it becomes obvious that hiring professionals are the best solution. The following helpful tips will prove why….
  1. If you were going to attempt the paint job on your own, do you know what type of paint should be used? There are so many paint types available today, all with differing descriptions – flat, eggshell, low sheen, matte acrylic, satin, ultra-flat, enamel and more. Knowing which one would best suit your needs can be difficult. Jim’s Professional Painting Bellarine Peninsula take a headache out of paint selection. Simply tell them what you need and they handle the rest. Easy!
  2. The next thing to consider is what surface is going to be painted, and how should it be prepared. For interior painting surfaces mould needs to be removed, previously painted walls may need to be lightly sanded to a dull finish, cracks, scratches and holes need to be repaired and filled, bare plasterboard needs to be cleaned and primed and so on… The preparation list is just as extensive for exterior painting surfaces. Jim’s Professional Painting Bellarine Peninsula intuitively know how to prepare a surface and have the resources to do it properly.
  3. Professional painters have been fully trained and are highly skilled at their craft. Jim’s painters spend quality time preparing the surface, they know exactly which paint product to use and most importantly, they have the training to apply the best painting techniques. They can assure longevity of any paint job.
  4. Jim’s Professional Painting Bellarine Peninsula is the most cost-effective way to achieve superior professional results. For residential painting, commercial painting or industrial painting, call 131 546 for a free quote today.


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