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Jim’s Professional Painting Scarborough is the first choice for high quality painting services. Our tradesmen are experts in painting and finishes, assuring a high quality result every time. We want your home or business to look the best it can for as long as it can. All you need to do is ask how we can help, and we will do the rest!

  1. Beach Side Care

    Scarborough faces the seaside, with a beautiful ocean right on the doorstep. While scenic, the coastal conditions can have an impact on the paintwork on your property. In such a charming location, don’t you think it’s important to make sure your home looks its best all year round? We know how to paint your home so that it will withstand the harsh sea breeze long into the future. Your home is worth the effort.

  1. Level 5 Finish

    Jim’s Painting Scarborough are qualified to provide a Level 5 finish on your home. That means that when it comes to the finishing of plasterboard, Level 5 is the best you can get.

    It is a high-quality painting service that is often demanded by architects and designers. Your home or business will be the talk of the town when you request a Level 5 standard.

  2. Expert Tradesmen and Services

    All the painters at Jim’s Painting Scarborough have years of experience, with professional qualifications. They know what the best quality paints are, how to match your paint to your different surfaces, and use only manufacturer guaranteed products.

We will provide expert, clean and safe services. We will protect your belongings while we paint, and we will clean up after ourselves when we leave. We are also experts at commercial painting and industrial painting. Just talk to us about your painting needs.

If you need painting done on your property, you can’t go past Jim’s Professional Painting Scarborough. We provide high quality services carried out by experts in the field. Give us a call to find out how we can help, on 131 546 or fill out our free quote booking form to get an estimate. Your home is worth the best you can get.


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