Selecting the right colours is pivotal in setting the mood and making the home feel comfortable. The walls are the background, and all your furniture, decor, rugs, and mats fall in place when the backdrop supports their look. In this article, you’ll find advice for the right hues, techniques and colours for all the rooms of the house.


If you are considering redesigning or changing the outlook of your home, the easiest and most effective way is to paint the interiors. You can choose from various hues and shades that add a touch of class, style and personality to the room. Here we’ll talk about some wall painting ideas so you can choose the right colours for each room that can help bring life to your home. These ideas will serve as a guideline so you can come up with a colour scheme of your choice to enhance the beauty of your home.


Things like lighting, decor, size and room type are all key factors that should act as a guide in choosing the right paint colours.Then there should be considerable weight given to where the room faces. Does it face north or south? North and East facing rooms should be coloured in warmer tones. The right colour should also contrast or go with your curtains and upholstery. But at the same time, you should think creatively and pop out a little if needed to give your room character and depth. Remember, a hint of colour can dramatically change the room.  Here are some great interior painting ideas for selecting each room’s paint colour.


The living room is usually where the family gets together to relax, watch television, gossip, and make memories. Here are some living room painting ideas to make your living room timeless and trendy.

  • Striped Walls: Use colour combinations like salmon, peach, and dusky pink, and paint a striped wall. Striped walls look unique, playful and creative.
  • Yellow: Yellow makes the room bright and stylish, creating a focal point where you can accessorise the wall and curtains accordingly.
  • Complement the Room: You can blue-coloured shelves and keep the walls white or cream-coloured. That’ll uplift the room while keeping it subtle.
  • Use contrasts: Your colour wheel can be your best guide to finding contrasts. At times even the most, unlike colours, can surprisingly affect the ambience. For example, pink and green, blue and yellow contrasts look pleasing and can add a pop of colour to the room.
  • Go for the Whites: White can make a small room appear large and put all your furniture and other decors in the limelight. Else try cream, ochre, or off-white tones to make the room appear warm.
  • Other Color Options: You can enjoy playing with other colours like blacks, deep or sky blue, teal, terracotta, coral, and pale pink.


When it comes to the bedroom, we want peace. But at the same time, the bedroom should also mimic your personality. Here are some fantastic bedroom painting ideas to lift the mood of the bedroom:

  • Use Deep Red for a Romantic Mood: Scarlet or red walls are best to set the mood. Complement the colour with accent pillows and throws to offset the colour. 
  • Use Red Accents: If having a red wall staring at you seems too much, you can also work in reverse order. Use mellow or white tones for the wall paints, and instead, complement the shade with deep red curtains, upholstery and bedding.
  • Bright Pink: Pink colour looks active and youthful. If you have floral bed sets, you can also use them in the bedroom.You can also use the blush shade, which adds a bit of femininity yet elegance to the room. Else go for peach for a bright and airy look.
  • Geometric Patterns: You can also try geometric patterns for the bedroom wall. Use complementing or vibrant colours like blacks and whites to form a pattern you like. 
  • Other Shades: You can try coral, terracotta, caramel, cream, striped greens, teal, and dark brown as well. Bright pillows, throws and other furniture items around the room can bring out the colour, making it look pleasing and balanced to the eyes.


The kitchen should be warm and inviting. You can create the look using either whites or darker shades to add depth to your kitchen. Here are some interesting painting ideas you can try around your kitchen space.

  • Neutral Colours: Whites and creams always look nice and elegant in the kitchen. Instead of sticking to plain white only, you can opt for different shades of white for the walls, cabinets, counter space, etc. 
  • Paint the Shelves: Do not confine the painting to the walls only. You can also paint the shelves or countertop while keeping the walls white. Bright blue, grey, black, or white cabinets complement white walls.
  • Backsplash: Painting the backsplash instead of the entire wall is another way to capture attention to the place.
  • Dining Table and Shelves: Paint the dining table chairs, drawers or shelves to make them look good as new.

Another great idea is to use vibrant colours inside open storage spaces. That, complemented with the appropriate lighting, can become a focal point of the room.


One of the biggest problems with bathrooms is mould and fungus. Since the place often stays damp, mould will likely find a way in and mar your walls and fixtures. A great way to handle the issue is to use moisture-resistant paints. These will help keep the walls dry, making them less likely to develop mould.

  • Light Shades: If your bathroom is small, use lighter shades to give it a wide look. You can add a little drama and use your imagination to add stripes and patterns to the walls.
  • Use Stencils: Stencils are another excellent idea to give your bathroom a unique and personalised look.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bold: Go bold with colours like purple, deep red, green, electric blue, or orange, especially if you have ample space. 
  • Colour the Vanity:  If the idea of a complete wall in such a vibrant shade sounds repulsive, use the colour on the vanity instead. 

You can also complement the walls with playful or subtle shower curtains and towel sets and accessorise the vanity to give the eyes a contrasting feel.


Kids are energetic, playful and full of energy. So why shouldn’t their room reflect the same? Here are some great wall painting ideas:

  • Feel free to use bold and bright colours in your kids’ rooms. 
  • If it’s a shared bedroom, use neutrals or colours that are not gender specific.
  • Set up patterns and stripes, or go wild with their favourite characters’ murals on the walls.
  • Graphic ceiling designs are also fun to look at and get the kids to lie down (if only for a while). Paint the solar system or any other landscape painting per their liking.
  • Other fun ideas include adding a glitter-painted accent wall.

You can also use chalkboard paint on a wall. That’ll turn the entire wall into  a green/blackboard and a fun and learn spot.


Remember, it’s your house; the more personalised you make it, the more it feels like your space. A great tip is to choose the colours that’ll last and keep you smiling. Keep the colour wheel as your BFF, and put your fears aside. Geometric patterns, stripes, stencils and a little skill can turn the room around. Painting your home can be a fun project for the whole family. Get your kids in on making murals or geometric patterns, and get those rollers rolling!

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