Whether you are thinking about changing the outlook of your home or shifting to a new place, a paint job is a must to give your place a refreshing touch. The markets today are flooded with paint of different brands and types. While traditional paints can do wonders for your space, they may harm your family members, kids, pets and the overall environment. Eco-friendly paints are the optimal solution for all your house painting requirements. Keep reading to know what these paints can do for your home, their types and how they compete with the other local market paints.


Ordinary paints have a strong, distinctive odour mainly characterised by high levels of VOCs or volatile organic chemicals. VOCs are harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory troubles in the young and old. Eco-friendly paints have relatively low levels of VOCs and are non-toxic for health. They have minerals, clay, milk proteins, balsam, etc., as the key ingredients in their products. They are also usually water-based and have more lasting results than the other paints. 


Eco-friendly paints give you durable and amazing house painting results. The paints are now available in various colours so you can choose the suitable colour scheme for your home. They are the best alternative to keeping your environment, pets and children safe and healthy. Some key benefits of using environmentally friendly paints for house painting are as follows.

Better For People and Pets

About all chemical paints have a certain level of VOCs. These are emitted during manufacturing and while the paint is applied to the walls. Eco-friendly paints have very little to zero amounts of VOCs. Hence they are best for the young and old, your pets and the environment.

Cost Effectiveness

Eco-friendly paints are quality products with better colour retention than other chemical paints. They also have higher viscosity and offer better paint coverage. With these, you get promising results that last, which makes them cost-effective over time.

Quality and Aesthetics

If we talk about the quality of eco-friendly paints, they are far superior to most chemical paints. They also offer colour retention and a comprehensive range of shades. They are also more durable and have minimal abrasion. So these don’t fade quickly due to weather effects. Clean-up of eco-friendly paints is also a breeze; excess spills can be wiped off using simple soap and water solution.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Ever got a headache or felt suffocated when you walked into a newly painted room? The odour and fumes of chemical paints are usually to blame for the feeling. Such effects often last for years, even after the application, and can worsen asthma and cause other respiratory issues.  Eco-friendly paints, on the other hand, produce no odour and have very few to zero amounts of VOCs. They are manufactured using natural ingredients only.


Most eco-friendly paints are low on VOCs and safe for your home and loved ones. However, choosing the right paint for your home project is important. For one, you need the right paint for each particular base or surface. Then, maintenance post-painting can be easy if you’ve used the right colour and type of paint for the windows or walls, etc. Here are some ordinary eco-friendly paints you’ll find on the shelves today. 

Water Based Paints

These are water-based and have the lowest toxicity levels. That makes these paints highly environmentally friendly and best for keeping the air quality of your home healthy. So the paint is safe for those applying it and those breathing through it. This type of paint is best for applying on the exterior surfaces of your home.

Zero-VOC Paints

An eco-friendly paint must have less than 5 gm VOCs/ litre to qualify as a Zero-VOC paint. Usually, these paints are available in lighter hues, as dark shades require VOCs for tinting. These paints are ideal for painting the interior of your home. You can use it to paint the nursery, kids’ playroom, and rooms for those with asthmatic conditions.  Since there are no chemical emissions, people can sleep in the same room the very day it’s been painted.   

Natural Paints

Natural or plant-based paints are also VOC and odour free and have a higher scratch resistance than zero-VOC paints. They give a glossy touch to the walls. The key ingredients of these types are usually plant extracts, resin, beeswax, etc. These paints, too, are best for indoor painting, especially around those people with allergies and asthmatic problems. 

Recycled Paints

Recycled or leftover paint is manufactured using surplus latex paints. People often donate the leftover paint to different companies, which recycle them to make new paint. The paints are sorted according to their type and colour, checked against the quality standards and then processed. Later they are released into the market as recycled paint.  So it saves up a lot of resources and energy and reduces pollution and waste.


Eco-friendly paints are free from harmful chemicals and safe for kids and those with allergies. These are made of natural ingredients, are more durable, and have a broader range of colour options. Moreover, they are best for the environment and the health of humans and animals. So if you’re thinking about your next home painting project, why not try these safer alternatives with better quality and lasting results? Consult with your professional painters and find the best painting solutions and colour options for the interior and exterior of your home using these eco-friendly options.


How do environmentally friendly paints compare with traditional paints?

Environmentally friendly paints are generally more resilient and lasting and produce little or no harmful fumes. They are also abrasion resistant and of a higher quality than traditional chemical paints. Moreover, technological advances allow you to get a broader range of colour options in these eco-friendly paints.

The benefits of hiring a professional painter for your home painting project?

When you hire a professional painter, they will take on the project from scratch to the end. They bring their equipment and tools and provide valuable input about the colour schemes and choice of paints. Other benefits of hiring professional painters are:

  • They keep you updated throughout the project
  • They know about all the brands and ingredients used in these paints and help you pick the right ones
  • Their work always has a quality finish that lasts and makes the place look immaculate
  • They complete the job on time

What are the benefits of natural paints?

Natural paints have no additives or preservatives. They have a longer shelf life and luminous colour definition. Moreover, since they have all-natural ingredients as their base, they are least affected by temperature and weather effects.

How can I make my house eco-friendly?

There are many ways to make your house eco-friendly. Some of the things you can do to make your home eco-friendly are:

  • Replace your existing bulbs with energy-efficient ones
  • Consider installing solar panels 
  • Keep your home insulated to economise your heating and air conditioning expenses.
  • When repainting, consider water-based paints that are more aesthetic and safe for you and the environment.
  • Switch to green detergents and cleaning supplies.

What are 5 things you do at home to be eco-friendly?

  • Use natural cleaning products with labelled natural ingredients
  • Use recycled and upcycled products. Refurbish your home by replacing, recolouring etc.
  • Harvest rainwater and use it during periods of water scarcity.
  • Install solar panels to cut electricity costs.
  • Use eco-friendly, non-toxic, microporous paints that allow your walls to breathe and improve air quality.

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