People often find it hard to keep up with the changing technology and advances in modern paints. Paints today aren’t just about the colours and bases. They also protect the home, keeping it green and insulated. If you have an upcoming home painting restoration project, keep on reading. We will tell you everything about modern technology for painting restoration and how it can help create a better home for your loved ones.


Paints and coatings have a significant impact on the design of your house. Painting restoration is not just about aesthetics; the right and technologically advanced paints can serve as a protective barrier around your property, keeping it safe from weather effects. Moreover, specific kinds of paints can also add a cooling layer atop the ceiling making your home comfortable. Customers today have many choices regarding colours, types, latest trends, and styles. Latest innovations have also increased these paints’ lifespan, making them more vibrant and lasting. 


Technological advancements give these paints an edge in the markets. These advanced types provide much more than simple wall protection and coating. Today you’ll find many paints with features like water and weatherproofing, insulation and grip. Some are even low-maintenance and washable paints, ideal for homes.Here are some major types of modern paint for your painting renovation project.

Smart Paints

Smartphones, smart TVs and other smart appliances have already made their way through our homes. We are, in fact, so caught up in the latest technology we hardly seem to think of them as advancements but rather as necessities today. What about smart paints? Since the paint industry has evolved, we also have smart paints in the markets today. Smart paints come with a conductive nickel grid that can turn your wall into a smart touchscreen! The electrodes in the paint work as electromagnetic sensors and can detect movement, objects and commands. The technology can be used in commercial setups, enabling you to control all your devices through the wall.

Self-Cleaning Paint 

One of the most hassling things about a paint job is its maintenance. You have to opt for regular cleaning methods to keep the surface smooth and make the paint last. Self-cleaning paint is the solution to all your cleaning requirements. The paint has nanotechnology, which means the particles inside it are smaller than a hundred nanometers. These tiny particles enable the paint to reflect light and repel water. That reduces friction, so dust and other particles slide off the surface easily. These paints are long-lasting and do not get stained or faded over the years.

Solar paint 

Another recent advancement in the painting industry is solar paints. Solar paints have very tiny particles that can absorb sunlight and use it to generate energy. It may require a bit of wiring on your part, but professional painters can easily do it as part of the job. Although the result isn’t close to converting your wall into a large solar panel, it can still work efficiently to generate clean energy.

Anti-Microbial Paint 

Due to the pandemic, the demand for anti-microbial products has significantly risen over the last few years. Anti-microbial paints are produced with the idea of repelling all germs and microbes off the walls. The paint uses nanotechnology, and the silver nanoparticles kill any microbe that comes into contact with the surface. That way, the place stays sterile and free of microbes and infections. These paints are great for hospitals and medical clinics where there’s a frequent need for sanitisation and cleaning. But they can also work well in schools, restaurants and other places where hygiene is a concern.

Self-healing Wraps

Compared to paints, wraps are easy to apply and remove. Self-healing wraps are gaining popularity owing to their ability to repair themselves. Whenever there’s a scratch on the surface, the wrap rearranges itself to cover the damage. If you apply heat to the wrap, it will return to its original state.The wraps also protect your original base from scratches and damage.

Greener Paint

With increasing awareness about clean and green products, people are now switching the green paints. The painting industry is following suit and has several high-quality green paints that are lasting and environmentally friendly They do not emit VOCs or odour and are best for keeping indoor air quality intact. Hence we are moving towards a more sustainable, biodegradable future. 

Spray on Antennas

Spray-on Antennas are a kind of spray paint that transmit radio waves like a wireless or mobile device. Sounds unbelievable, right? But this part of the latest painting development can help you install wireless networks in remote areas at a fraction of the cost. The idea is still in its nascent stages, but as further developments occur, it won’t be long before it takes over all commercial and industrial segments.

Sheen Paint

Sheen of paint indicates its shine, ability to resist water and washability. There are different degrees of sheen paints depending on the shine. These include gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, flat enamel and flat. Sheen paint can resist mould, fungus and washability. That makes it lasting and durable whether used indoors or outside. However, people today prefer less sheen or the flat enamel type as it has more of a matte appearance.


Even though the paint industry doesn’t seem like the highlight of scientific advancements, it has kept pace with all the latest developments. Technology is only likely to grow in the near future. So the sooner we adapt and bring it into our lives, the more updated and comfortable we can keep our houses. Since home restoration painting projects are common for homeowners, it would be great to try these modern technologies in your home and move towards smart living.


What is new paint technology?

Modern paint goes way beyond adding colour and freshness to your home. These paints offer cooling, protection, disinfection, and energy efficiency and even serve as a move towards making houses into smart homes.

Which paint is best for house painting?

Apart from the hues and colours, the type of paint is an important consideration for the home restoration project. Like for instance, amongst oil and water-based paints, you have to choose one according to your base paint. You can top oil-based paint with water-based but not vice versa. How often would you consider repainting is another factor to think of. For frequent paint jobs, water-based paints are the best. However, for lasting colours, oil-based options are ideal.Then you have sheen paints which are easy to clean, flat paints for walls with a smoother base and green paints as biodegradable, sustainable options.

What technology is used in paint?

Paints today have a variety of technology features. Some of the top categories with amazing features include:

  • Solar paints have tiny particles that convert sunlight into energy
  • Smart paints have electromagnetic sensors to follow commands
  • Spray-on Antennas transmit radio waves
  • Self-healing wraps have the ability to repair by themselves
  • Anti-microbial paints use nanotechnology to repel microbes off the surface and kill them

What are the two categories of modern household paints?

The two main types or categories of paints are water- and oil-based paints. Oil-based paints are used to paint the cabinets and doors. They are generally more durable than the other kinds. On the other hand, water-based acrylic paints are easy to clean and provide UV resistance, keeping your home cool and comfortable. They are usually used around the walls and exterior surfaces.

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