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Give your home a makeover with Jim’s Professional Painting Croydon. Home is where the heart is. And a well-kept, shining, beautiful home is what dreams are made of. What better way to add a bit of zing to a drab interior or exterior than by calling in the experts at Jim’s Professional Painting Croydon. We provide a complete solution for all your painting needs and will have your home or business looking fresh in no time.

Jim’s Professional Painting relate to the unique, laid back, yet thriving atmosphere that is Croydon. If you’re lucky enough to own one of the older Croydon homes, it may be time for a spruce up. Don’t fret if you are unsure about colours and decorating ideas, Jim’s are happy to assist you with choosing a colour theme to suit the area. Or, perhaps you own one of the more contemporary apartments that are now being developed, Jim’s Professional Painting Croydon can tackle all your painting needs from go to WOW! Main Street Croydon is a small bustling commercial hub with a diverse mix of eateries, clothing and homeware stores, as well as modern day hairdressing and beauty salons too. If your Croydon business requires that extra touch of pizazz to make it stand out from the rest, Jim’s Professional Painting is the perfect solution.

When hiring professionals for your painting project, one of the biggest decisions is colour!

Jim’s Professional Painting Croydon share their Top 5 Tips for choosing the perfect paint colour:

  1. Test and Sample:

    If you are uncertain about colours, start experimenting with small test patches of colour on the wall. Don’t just try one colour, sample a few.

  2. Mood Matters:

    Consider the mood and ambience of the room. If you wish to have a soothing and peaceful mood for your living area, select neutral and cool colours for the walls. Kids’ bedrooms can be more vibrant, lively and cheerful.

  3. Look into Lights:

    Lighting, whether it be natural or artificial lighting, plays a major role in reflecting the colour tones from your wall. Natural daylight will show the colour in its truest form, whereas fluorescent lighting can bring out the sharper blue tones in a colour.

  4. Think about Direction:

    Determining the orientation of the room will also help you know what level of natural lighting it receives. For example, south facing rooms are likely to receive very little natural sunlight throughout the day, so they may naturally appear cooler. Choose colours with tones of red, yellow and orange to warm up a south facing room.

  5. Monochrome Melody:

    Single colour has the power to create an everlasting impact. A single colour but in various shades and finishes. Use shades of black or white to create a magical effect, or shades of blue for a cooling impact.

At Jim’s Professional painting Croydon, we not only keep up to date with the latest design trends, we offer a complete painting solution, using high quality products. Our pricing is transparent and extremely competitive, and we provide 100% customer satisfaction with a service that is second to none. Feel assured knowing that all our painters are experienced and highly skilled with a keen eye for detail.

For all your painting needs in croydon, call Jim’s Professional Painting on 131 546.


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