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Paint and colour go hand in hand. Jim’s Professional Painting and Decorating has an exclusive colour collection and range that’s based on international trends and forecasts. We can help you create the look you want or alternatively we can just follow your recommendations – our colour advice is free as part of our service.

If your having trouble here’s a few handy hints to get you on the way.

There’s plenty of new ideas in building and display villages, DIY television shows, magazines, even your favourite fashion or clothes have colour combinations. Look around your existing environment, what are the colours that surround you, what are the colour you like?

Remember, colour is a personal choice and should be fun. Talk to your Jim’s Professional Painting and Decorating representative, your local paint specialist or click on the links below for even more information about paint colours, inspiration and advice on how to select and create the colour schemes you’ll be happy with.

Why Choose Jim’s Painting?

No matter the project size, you can expect top-of-the-line painting services from us. We will walk you through the management process, work within your budget, and discuss the entire plan before we start the project. The residential painting will then proceed as soon as the details have been finalized.

12 Millions+ Jobs Done

Our commitment to your happiness is unwavering. We ensure every brushstroke brings joy and exceeds your expectations.


Jim’s Painting boasts a skilled team of experts dedicated to transforming spaces with precision and artistry, delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.


Jim’s Painting: Quality Materials for Lasting Brilliance. We use premium paints and tools to ensure a flawless finish that stands the test of time, elevating your space to perfection.


Our team’s unwavering focus on precision and perfection ensures flawless surfaces and artistic finishes, making every space a masterpiece of craftsmanship.


Jim’s Painting delivers projects with unparalleled artistry and precision, ensuring timely completion. Your space will be transformed beautifully, meeting your expectations on schedule.


Jim’s Painting offers exceptional painting services with affordable pricing, ensuring top-quality results without breaking the bank. Transform your space without compromising on budget.