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Belmont is a bustling area, bordered by the beautiful Barwon River. No wonder it’s a high demand suburb. To make the most of your property, and to keep it looking great, Jim’s Professional Painting Belmont give you the following tips:

How to keep your house paint lasting longer:

  1. Clean The Surface

    All professional painting Belmont, begins with a clean surface. It’s important to understand that dirt can cause a rift between your paint and your surface. The surface becomes slippery and the paint fails to stick to it properly.

    Jim’s professional Painting Belmont always take the extra time to ensure the painting surface is clean before any painting begins.

  1. Repair Damage

    Wood and timber can be tricky to deal with, however when it is painted or stained properly it looks magnificent. Feature timber trims are making a great resurgence both inside and outside the home. If your property is adorned with timberwork, it’s vital that the woodwork is inspected prior to painting or staining, to check for any rotten surfaces. Damaged woodwork first needs to be repaired to ensure a top-class finish.

  2. Fix Any Leaks

    In a city like Melbourne where it rains one day and pours the next, leakages in a property are common place. Leakages provide access for moisture which evaporates, eventually. The water vapour then gnaws at the exterior wall paint until it completely decays. To keep your paint job looking great and lasting longer, look for any water leaks and have them fixed as soon as possible.

When repainting wooden surfaces, after the old paint is scraped off, it leaves behind a rugged surface with cracks and spots. If you paint straight over this, the paint will appear flawed and not look very nice at all. Therefore, it’s a must-do to prime the house beforehand to achieve a superior finish.

Painting your home or business yourself may sound like a fun, budget-friendly DIY project. However, it takes more than just coating the walls with a few coats of paint. It takes time, dedication and know-how to achieve an excellent finished result.

Understanding your needs, Jim’s Professional Painting Belmont provide quality services which ensure that your interior and exterior painting is not only impeccable but also long-lasting!


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